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passenger car click to hear : passenger car

Vehicle that rolls along subway tracks and transports passengers.
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heating grille suspension inflated carrying tire inflated guiding tire advertising sign window single seat light side door ventilator handrail side handrail subway map double seat communication set emergency brake

heating grille click to hear : heating grille

Grating through which warm air is forced to heat the car interior.

suspension click to hear : suspension

Assembly that dissipates the vibrations occurring as the wheels roll along the tracks.

inflated carrying tire click to hear : inflated carrying tire

Nitrogen-filled tire that supports and conveys the car.

inflated guiding tire click to hear : inflated guiding tire

Tire mounted at right angles to the carrying tire; it rolls against the guiding bar to guide the truck.

advertising sign click to hear : advertising sign

Poster on a space rented by a business that promotes products or services.

window click to hear : window

Opening containing thick glass that does not open.

single seat click to hear : single seat

Seat for one passenger.

light click to hear : light

Fixtures for illuminating the interior of the car.

side door click to hear : side door

Sliding door that opens onto the station platforms for passengers to enter and exit.

ventilator click to hear : ventilator

Grille that circulates fresh air throughout the car.

handrail click to hear : handrail

Floor-to-ceiling pole in the middle of the aisle for passengers to hold onto while the train is in motion.

side handrail click to hear : side handrail

Handle on the wall next to the door for passengers to hold onto while the train is in motion.

subway map click to hear : subway map

Map that shows the entire subway system; each subway line is illustrated in a different color.

double seat click to hear : double seat

Bench with space for two passengers.

communication set click to hear : communication set

Loudspeaker phone used for talking to the train driver.

emergency brake click to hear : emergency brake

Device that stops the train; it is available to users in case of emergency.