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dining car click to hear : dining car

Car laid out for serving meals.
dining car image
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panoramic window grab handle crew’s locker kitchen dining section storage space steward’s desk

panoramic window click to hear : panoramic window

Large window offering an unobstructed view of the passing countryside.

grab handle click to hear : grab handle

Vertical handle at shoulder height next to the door for gripping when climbing up to or down from the car.

crew’s locker click to hear : crew’s locker

Compartment at the entrance where personnel can stow their coats and other personal effects.

kitchen click to hear : kitchen

Room where meals are prepared.

dining section click to hear : dining section

Part of the car where passengers can eat or drink.

storage space click to hear : storage space

Place where employees keep materials for providing service during the trip.

steward’s desk click to hear : steward’s desk

Table for laying out the dishes used for the various courses and food that is ready to serve.