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minibus click to hear : minibus

Motorized vehicle for transporting about 10 passengers, sometimes equipped with a lift for wheelchairs.
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platform entrance door handrail wheelchair lift lift door West Coast mirror blind spot mirror

platform click to hear : platform

Horizontal part moving up and down for the wheelchair; it rests on the ground in the lower position and forms the doorsill in the upper position.

entrance door click to hear : entrance door

handrail click to hear : handrail

Support rail equipped with a belt restraining the wheelchair when the platform is being raised and lowered.

wheelchair lift click to hear : wheelchair lift

Electric lifting device deployed so that a person in a wheelchair can be raised into and lowered from a minibus.

lift door click to hear : lift door

West Coast mirror click to hear : West Coast mirror

Mirror fixed to the outside of the passenger compartment enabling the driver to see behind and along the sides of the vehicle without turning around.

blind spot mirror click to hear : blind spot mirror

Exterior convex mirror providing a wider field of vision than a conventional mirror.