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tent trailer click to hear : tent trailer

Caravan with a collapsible section that is opened up when at rest and folded up again before moving, to lessen wind resistance.
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stabilizer jack spare tire screen door body window canopy roof bunk

stabilizer jack click to hear : stabilizer jack

Retractable support placed under the caravan to keep it steady when parked.

spare tire click to hear : spare tire

Supplementary wheel for replacing a wheel whose tire is punctured.

screen door click to hear : screen door

Door fitted with a wire cloth that lets air and light pass through while protecting against mosquitoes.

body click to hear : body

Rigid metal frame comprising the body of the caravan.

window click to hear : window

Flexible canvas opening, letting in air and light, supported by a framework when it is opened out.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Canvas awning supported by a framework; it protects an outdoor space from the rain and sun.

roof click to hear : roof

Rigid part enclosing the top of the body and protecting the sections when they are folded up.

bunk click to hear : bunk

Area for sleeping, supported by a frame when opened out.