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touring motorcycle top box windshield driver seat passenger seat backrest antenna saddlebag

touring motorcycle click to hear : touring motorcycle

Motorcycle providing comfort for the driver and the passenger, with features such as wide fairing, extended handgrips and footrests for stretching the legs.

top box click to hear : top box

Usually rigid and waterproof compartment, behind the passenger seat, for stowing light objects.

windshield click to hear : windshield

Glass and plastic pane in front, protecting the motorcyclist from the wind and inclement weather.

driver seat click to hear : driver seat

Usually leather, individual seat, sometimes equipped with a back, for the driver to sit.

passenger seat click to hear : passenger seat

Usually leather, individual seat with a back; it is higher than the driver seat, for the passenger to sit.

backrest click to hear : backrest

Part supporting the back.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device receiving radio waves broadcast by a station.

saddlebag click to hear : saddlebag

Usually rigid and waterproof luggage, attached to each side of the passenger seat.