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steel belted radial tire click to hear : steel belted radial tire

Hybrid tire with addition belts laid on top of the plies of the radial tire; the cords of these belts crisscross each other diagonally.
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rubber wall bead wire inner lining radial ply belt rubbing strip tread design tread radial tire bias-ply tire

rubber wall click to hear : rubber wall

Part of the tire located between the tread and the bead.

bead wire click to hear : bead wire

Coil of steel wire reinforcing a tire’s bead.

inner lining click to hear : inner lining

Rubber layer covering the interior surface of the tire, preventing the tire from leaking or bursting when punctured.

radial ply click to hear : radial ply

Layer of fabric fibers covered with rubber; its cord extends from one bead to the other.

belt click to hear : belt

Layer of steel wires or fabric under the tread, reinforcing it.

rubbing strip click to hear : rubbing strip

Round protrusion of the rubber wall, protecting it from side impact and wear.

tread design click to hear : tread design

Raised part of the tire tread that improves traction for various usage conditions.

tread click to hear : tread

Sculpted part of a tire coming in contact with the roadway.

radial tire click to hear : radial tire

Tire with plies whose cords are perpendicular to the direction of the tread.

bias-ply tire click to hear : bias-ply tire

Tire with plies whose cords cross each other and are diagonal to the direction of the tread.