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examples of semitrailers click to hear : examples of semitrailers

Semitrailers: trailers whose front portion is equipped with a kingpin for coupling them to a tractor.
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dump semitrailer dump body container semitrailer twist lock double drop lowbed semitrailer chip van

dump semitrailer click to hear : dump semitrailer

Semitrailer equipped with a dump body for transporting in bulk.

dump body click to hear : dump body

Open or closed container; when raised by the elevation cylinder, it discharges its bulk material.

container semitrailer click to hear : container semitrailer

Semitrailer comprising only a chassis; containers of standard sizes are loaded on it to transport cargo.

twist lock click to hear : twist lock

Locking mechanism housed in each bottom corner of the container to secure it to the semitrailer.

double drop lowbed semitrailer click to hear : double drop lowbed semitrailer

Semitrailer for transporting heavy machinery.

chip van click to hear : chip van

Semitrailer designed to transport wood in chip form.