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rotary engine cycle click to hear : rotary engine cycle

Rotary engine: combustion engine in which the combustion chamber is divided by a rotor into three turning parts of unequal volume.
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intake intake manifold power rotor exhaust compression exhaust manifold

intake click to hear : intake

The air/fuel mixture enters the cylinder through the intake manifold; the rotor’s motion forces it into the next chamber.

intake manifold click to hear : intake manifold

Passages through which the air/fuel mixture enters the cylinder.

power click to hear : power

When the compression level is reached, the spark plugs produce sparks that ignite the air/fuel mixture.

rotor click to hear : rotor

Triangular piston turning eccentrically around an axle and transmitting a rotational motion directly to the crankshaft.

exhaust click to hear : exhaust

In the passage before the exhaust manifold, the burned gases are expelled by the rotor.

compression click to hear : compression

The rotor’s rotation reduces the volume in the chamber and compresses the mixture.

exhaust manifold click to hear : exhaust manifold

Pipe through which the burned gases are expelled from the cylinder.