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astronomical observation image

astronomical observation
Observation of phenomena occurring in the celestial sphere.

planetarium image

Structure where a projector is used to simulate the movement of the celestial bodies on a dome representing half of the celestial sphere.

celestial coordinate system image

celestial coordinate system
Imaginary horizontal and vertical lines used to describe the position of an object on the celestial sphere.

radio telescope image

radio telescope
Instrument used to capture, concentrate and analyze radio waves emanating from a celestial body or a region of the celestial sphere.

Hubble space telescope image

Hubble space telescope
Telescope placed in orbit above Earth’s atmosphere (600 km), making it possible to observe the universe as never before.

refracting telescope image

refracting telescope
Optical instrument that uses an objective lens to observe celestial bodies.

reflecting telescope image

reflecting telescope
Optical instrument that uses an objective mirror to observe celestial bodies.

astronomical observatory image

astronomical observatory
Building specially designed to house a large telescope.