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radio telescope click to hear : radio telescope

Instrument used to capture, concentrate and analyze radio waves emanating from a celestial body or a region of the celestial sphere.
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steerable parabolic reflector second focal room parabolic reflector first focal room secondary reflector laboratory rotating track support structure radio wave circular track elevator counterweight upper laboratory receiver

steerable parabolic reflector click to hear : steerable parabolic reflector

Type of adjustable radio telescope in the shape of a saucer; its power depends on its diameter.

second focal room click to hear : second focal room

Secondary focus of the radio telescope that houses the radio receiver; used more often than the first focal room.

parabolic reflector click to hear : parabolic reflector

A surface often composed of fine wire-mesh that collects radio waves and causes them to converge on a single point.

first focal room click to hear : first focal room

Observation capsule used on occasion; located in the prime focus of the radio telescope.

secondary reflector click to hear : secondary reflector

Receives waves reflected by the parabolic reflector and directs them toward the receiver.

laboratory click to hear : laboratory

Area where astronomers analyze the digital signal to obtain information.

rotating track click to hear : rotating track

Rail making it possible to turn the radio telescope vertically so as to point it toward a given region of the sky.

support structure click to hear : support structure

Structural element on the rim that prevents the parabolic reflector from becoming deformed.

radio wave click to hear : radio wave

Invisible electromagnetic waves emitted by celestial bodies and collected on Earth using a radio telescope.

circular track click to hear : circular track

Rail making it possible to turn the radio telescope horizontally so as to point it toward a given region of the sky.

elevator click to hear : elevator

counterweight click to hear : counterweight

Weight equal to that of the parabolic reflector; makes it possible to balance the whole.

upper laboratory click to hear : upper laboratory

Area where the electrical signal is filtered, digitized and transmitted to the laboratory.

receiver click to hear : receiver

Device that amplifies waves before they are converted into an electrical signal.