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input devices click to hear : input devices

Electronic devices used to transmit data and commands to a computer.
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joystick throttle control base trigger programmable buttons hand rest twist handle hat switch

joystick click to hear : joystick

Device used in video games to direct the movements of an object or character and to transmit various commands.

throttle control click to hear : throttle control

Device used mostly in car racing or flight simulation games to control such things as speed and thrust.

base click to hear : base

trigger click to hear : trigger

Device used mostly in combat games to fire a projectile.

programmable buttons click to hear : programmable buttons

Buttons that transmit various preset commands to the computer.

hand rest click to hear : hand rest

twist handle click to hear : twist handle

Command lever that rotates around a vertical axis to change the view or make an object or character turn.

hat switch click to hear : hat switch

Multidirectional button that mainly changes the view displayed on the screen.