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production of electricity from solar energy click to hear : production of electricity from solar energy

Heating the coolant directly with solar rays turns water into steam, which then turns the turbo-alternator to produce electricity.
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turbo-alternator electricity transmission network transformer condenser steam generator cold coolant hot coolant pump bank of heliostats solar radiation solar ray reflected coolant tower boiler

turbo-alternator click to hear : turbo-alternator

Device that uses steam to convert the mechanical force generated by the rotation of the turbine into electricity.

electricity transmission network click to hear : electricity transmission network

Electricity is carried over vast distances by a network of cables that extends from the power plant to consumers.

transformer click to hear : transformer

Device used to alter the electric voltage; the voltage is increased at the plant outlet in order to carry the current over long distances.

condenser click to hear : condenser

Circuit that cools the steam from the turbine and condenses it into water, which is reintroduced into the steam generator.

steam generator click to hear : steam generator

Device that uses heat to convert water into steam to activate the turbo-alternator.

cold coolant click to hear : cold coolant

After releasing its heat to the steam generator, the cold coolant returns to the boiler.

hot coolant click to hear : hot coolant

The coolant extracts heat from the boiler and carries it to the steam generator and turbine.

pump click to hear : pump

Device that ensures that the cold coolant liquid flows to the boiler.

bank of heliostats click to hear : bank of heliostats

Heliostats: remote-controlled adjustable mirrors that follow the Sun’s trajectory and concentrate solar radiation toward the boiler at the top of the tower.

solar radiation click to hear : solar radiation

The Sun emits waves in the form of luminous radiation (41% visible light, 52% infrared light and 7% ultraviolet light).

solar ray reflected click to hear : solar ray reflected

Solar rays trapped by heliostats are sent to the boiler.

coolant click to hear : coolant

Fluid (e.g., a mixture of melted salts) that traps the heat from concentrated solar radiation and carries it to the turbine.

tower click to hear : tower

Structure atop which the boiler sits and collects luminous energy; it can reach 100 m in height.

boiler click to hear : boiler

Enclosure in which the concentrated heat from the Sun’s rays raises the temperature of the coolant.