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solar energy image

solar energy
Harnessed solar radiation has many applications, including solar-panel heating and electricity produced with solar cells and solar furnaces.

solar cell image

solar cell
Device used to convert solar energy directly into electric energy (photovoltaic effect).

flat-plate solar collector image

flat-plate solar collector
Device that collects solar radiation and heats a coolant, which in turn will be used in residential settings to heat water or the home.

solar-cell system image

solar-cell system
Unit that is usually made up of 36 solar cells, each of which produces a voltage of 0.5 V; it is used to power low-voltage devices.

production of electricity from solar energy image

production of electricity from solar energy
Heating the coolant directly with solar rays turns water into steam, which then turns the turbo-alternator to produce electricity.

solar furnace image

solar furnace
Plant that concentrates solar radiation to reach very high temperatures (over 3,000°C) as part of a research effort to develop experimental materials (including astronautic materials and ceramics).

solar house image

solar house
Solar energy can be used to heat and supply hot water to a home.