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solar house click to hear : solar house

Solar energy can be used to heat and supply hot water to a home.
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solar collector filter pool circulating pump Trombe wall storage tank service pipe water-heater tank heat exchanger expansion tank circulating pump ventilation heat exchanger

solar collector click to hear : solar collector

Device that traps heat from solar radiation and releases it to the coolant fluid.

filter click to hear : filter

Device that holds back impurities contained in the pool water.

pool click to hear : pool

Man-made basin designed for swimming.

circulating pump click to hear : circulating pump

Apparatus that ensures that the cooled water flows from the pool to the solar collector.

Trombe wall click to hear : Trombe wall

Solar collector with double glazing on a wall that faces south; it is used to distribute heat in a room.

storage tank click to hear : storage tank

Insulated metal tank that contains clean hot water to be distributed in the home.

service pipe click to hear : service pipe

Pipe connecting a public water supply to the house.

water-heater tank click to hear : water-heater tank

Apparatus that produces clean hot water by gas or electric heating; this auxiliary system is used when there is insufficient sunlight, mainly in winter.

heat exchanger click to hear : heat exchanger

Apparatus used to release the heat of the coolant liquid generated by the collector to the home’s water system.

expansion tank click to hear : expansion tank

Reservoir for absorbing water expansion; it keeps the water pressure in the system steady.

circulating pump click to hear : circulating pump

Apparatus that circulates the cooled coolant from the heat exchanger to the solar collector.

ventilation click to hear : ventilation

Piping that ensures that fresh air enters and stale air exits the home.

heat exchanger click to hear : heat exchanger

Device that transfers the heat produced by the collector to the home’s hot water system.