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solar furnace click to hear : solar furnace

Plant that concentrates solar radiation to reach very high temperatures (over 3,000°C) as part of a research effort to develop experimental materials (including astronautic materials and ceramics).
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bank of heliostats tower target area hill furnace parabolic mirror reflecting surface solar ray reflected solar radiation

bank of heliostats click to hear : bank of heliostats

Heliostats: remote-controlled adjustable mirrors that follow the Sun’s trajectory and concentrate solar radiation toward the boiler at the top of the tower.

tower click to hear : tower

Structure atop which the furnace is placed to collect luminous energy; it usually reaches a height of 20 m.

target area click to hear : target area

Point where solar rays reflected by the parabolic mirror converge.

hill click to hear : hill

Heliostats are placed on slopes to prevent energy loss due to shade or the interception of reflected rays by neighboring mirrors.

furnace click to hear : furnace

Reaching temperatures of over 3,000°C, it is mainly used to process and develop materials.

parabolic mirror click to hear : parabolic mirror

Curved mirror that concentrates the Sun’s rays toward one point in the furnace (the target area).

reflecting surface click to hear : reflecting surface

Polished metallized glass that receives solar radiation and direct it to the parabolic mirror.

solar ray reflected click to hear : solar ray reflected

Solar rays that reach the heliostats are sent to the parabolic mirror.

solar radiation click to hear : solar radiation

All the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun.