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lights click to hear : lights

Fixed or portable devices designed and used to diffuse electric light.
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halogen desk lamp arm base clamp spotlight bed lamp desk lamp

halogen desk lamp click to hear : halogen desk lamp

Desk lamp of greater luminous intensity and longer duration than a traditional lamp but that emits more heat.

arm click to hear : arm

Articulated moving bar for adjusting the position of the lamp shade.

base click to hear : base

Relatively heavy support for stabilizing the lamp.

clamp spotlight click to hear : clamp spotlight

Small portable spotlight with a concentrated beam; it can be mounted on furniture with a clamp.

bed lamp click to hear : bed lamp

Small reading light that can be mounted on the back of a book or the headboard of a bed.

desk lamp click to hear : desk lamp

Portable light equipped with an opaque shield that directs and diffuses the light onto the worktable.