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city image

Densely populated urban area whose activities relate to commerce, industry and administration.

agglomeration image

Vast urban concentration consisting of a city and its suburbs.

downtown image

Central district of a city where the main cultural, economic and commercial activities are carried out.

shopping center image

shopping center
Covered space that houses retail stores, one or more megastores and various services such as banks and restaurants.

department store image

department store
Large store with sections (departments) for various product categories such as clothes, stationery and cosmetics.

convention center image

convention center
Vast building that houses the facilities required to stage a variety of events and meetings.

self-service restaurant image

self-service restaurant
Restaurant with numerous food counters where customers can put together a meal of their choosing.

common symbols image

common symbols
Pictograms used in public areas or along thoroughfares to advertise services or warn of prohibitions.

cross section of a street image

cross section of a street
Depiction of a network of cables and piping systems buried beneath a roadway.

office building image

office building
Building that houses professional and administrative offices.

restaurant image

Business establishment where people pay to eat a meal prepared on the premises and served at their table; a restaurant’s quality and prices vary depending on the menu.

hotel image

Business establishment that lodges people for a fee.