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hotel rooms click to hear : hotel rooms

Rooms designed to lodge people.
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desk single room double bed telephone love seat wardrobe door bath and shower sink mirror single bed toilet bathroom television set bedside lamp bedside table double room room number

desk click to hear : desk

Worktable that usually contains drawers.

single room click to hear : single room

Room that contains one bed and is designed for one or two people.

double bed click to hear : double bed

Large bed designed for two people.

telephone click to hear : telephone

Device allowing the human voice to be transmitted over a distance by means of a network of telephone lines.

love seat click to hear : love seat

Sofa that seats two people.

wardrobe click to hear : wardrobe

Closet for storing clothes.

door click to hear : door

Opening connecting the hotel hallway to the room; it can be locked.

bath and shower click to hear : bath and shower

Sanitary facilities for washing the body; one is an elongated tub and the other, a jet of water.

sink click to hear : sink

Sanitary fixture in the form of a basin; it is used for washing.

mirror click to hear : mirror

Polished glass surface that reflects light and images and used for purposes such as styling hair and applying makeup.

single bed click to hear : single bed

Bed designed for one person.

toilet click to hear : toilet

Sanitary fixture for disposing of bodily waste; it comprises a toilet bowl and a tank.

bathroom click to hear : bathroom

Room designed for personal hygiene; it is equipped with running water and sanitary fixtures.

television set click to hear : television set

Receiving device that generates the sound and picture elements of programs broadcast by a television station or recorded on cassette or disc.

bedside lamp click to hear : bedside lamp

Movable light fixture with a short shaft that is used on a bedside table.

bedside table click to hear : bedside table

Small table placed at the head of a bed; it might contain one or more drawers.

double room click to hear : double room

Room containing two beds.

room number click to hear : room number