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sailboat click to hear : sailboat

Small monohull sailboat with a retractable centerboard; ballast is provided by the weight of the crew.
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boom vang jibsheet cleat wind indicator telltale mast forestay jib shroud crosstree bow hull cockpit centerboard traveler rudder mainsheet tiller boom sail panel mainsail batten batten pocket

boom vang click to hear : boom vang

Short rope for lowering a sail.

jibsheet click to hear : jibsheet

Cord that passes through the bottom corner of the jib to position it in relation to the wind direction.

cleat click to hear : cleat

Anvil-shaped wood or metal part to which a rope can be tied.

wind indicator click to hear : wind indicator

Instrument that indicates wind direction using a vane that rotates around a vertical axis.

telltale click to hear : telltale

Narrow light ribbon that is attached aloft to indicate the direction of the wind along the side of a sail.

mast click to hear : mast

Long vertical pole that supports one or more sails; it is sometimes slightly inclined.

forestay click to hear : forestay

Rope or steel cable stretched from the mast to the bow; it secures the mast in front.

jib click to hear : jib

Triangular sail that is rigged forward.

shroud click to hear : shroud

Heavy taut rope between a mast and the side of the ship; it secures and supports the mast on the sides.

crosstree click to hear : crosstree

Horizontal part attached to the mast to separate the shrouds.

bow click to hear : bow

Forward part of the boat’s hull.

hull click to hear : hull

Part of the boat’s structure that forms a watertight vessel.

cockpit click to hear : cockpit

Hollow place aft of the deck where the crew stays.

centerboard click to hear : centerboard

Retractable skeg that keeps the sailboat on course.

traveler click to hear : traveler

Metal bar running across the deck; a car travels back and forth on it to move the mainsheet.

rudder click to hear : rudder

Submerged component that pivots on a vertical axle and is used to steer the boat.

mainsheet click to hear : mainsheet

Cord that passes through the bottom corner of the mainsail to position it in relation to the wind direction.

tiller click to hear : tiller

Unit for controlling the rudder; the coxswain is the person who holds a sailboat’s tiller.

boom click to hear : boom

Long piece of metal that articulates with the mast; it supports the lower edge of the mainsail.

sail panel click to hear : sail panel

The bands of canvas whose sides are sewn together to form a sail.

mainsail click to hear : mainsail

Boat’s principal sail; it is rigged to the mast and boom.

batten click to hear : batten

Rigid pole inserted into the sail’s batten pockets to maintain its shape.

batten pocket click to hear : batten pocket

Slot into which a batten is slipped.