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motocross and supercross motorcycle click to hear : motocross and supercross motorcycle

Slim lightweight motorcycle for racing on a closed rough circuit with uneven ground, bumps and hillocks.
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number plate hand protector nubby tire glove fork protective goggles helmet protective plate boot pants protective suit

number plate click to hear : number plate

Rectangular plate on the front and sides of the motorcycle; it carries a number to identify the driver.

hand protector click to hear : hand protector

Rigid part in front of the handlebar to protect the hand in the event of impact.

nubby tire click to hear : nubby tire

Tire whose tread is fitted with blocks of rubber, providing better traction on rough terrain.

glove click to hear : glove

Item that covers the hand and wrist in order to protect them; it is made of synthetic material and is padded inside and out.

fork click to hear : fork

Sliding tube that encloses a spring; it forms the steering, suspension and shock-absorbing mechanisms of the front wheel.

protective goggles click to hear : protective goggles

Equipment that protects the eyes; it is covered with several layers of plastic, which the driver peels off when they become dirty.

helmet click to hear : helmet

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head.

protective plate click to hear : protective plate

Metal part under the motorcycle that protects it from shocks and prevents it from striking obstacles.

boot click to hear : boot

High leather boot protecting the ankles.

pants click to hear : pants

Garment for the lower body; it extends from the waist or the hips to the ankles, covering each leg separately.

protective suit click to hear : protective suit

Clothing consisting of a top and pants that protect the driver in the event of a fall; protection (such as for the elbows, knees and back) is optional.