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supercross circuit click to hear : supercross circuit

Sometimes covered, man-made track that is composed of earth or a mixture of sand and clay; it is strewn with obstacles and bumps to incite jumps.
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markers straw bales multiple jumps start area bump riders bridge triple jump obstacles spine marshall starting gate

markers click to hear : markers

Long ribbons on the sides of the track that delimit a safety zone for the racers and spectators.

straw bales click to hear : straw bales

Protective barriers placed at the curves to absorb impact in the event a racer skids out.

multiple jumps click to hear : multiple jumps

Series of several bumps that the racer clears in a single jump, as opposed to clearing each jump separately.

start area click to hear : start area

The starting line must be wide enough to accommodate the racers lined up abreast; each one needs a breadth of 1 m.

bump click to hear : bump

Rounded protrusion on the circuit that constitutes an obstacle for the racers.

riders click to hear : riders

Racers participating in a motorcycling event.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Humped structure that constitutes an obstacle for the racers.

triple jump click to hear : triple jump

Obstacle made up of three bumps in a row that the racer must clear in one jump; the motorcycle must land on the far incline of the third bump.

obstacles click to hear : obstacles

Elements, such as bumps, spines and bridges, that the racers must clear during an event.

spine click to hear : spine

High bump enabling the racers to perform spectacular jumps.

marshall click to hear : marshall

One of the officials along the track who warn the competitors of potential danger by means of yellow flags.

starting gate click to hear : starting gate

Transversal device that serves as the motorcycles’ starting point; it folds up or down so that the racers can push off.