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speed grand prix motorcycle and rider click to hear : speed grand prix motorcycle and rider

Speed grand prix: streamlined motorcycle designed to race on a usually flat, closed road circuit; it can reach speeds of 320 km/h.
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neck support racing suit glove visor full face helmet tire rub protection boot wheel air intake for engine cooling disc brake

neck support click to hear : neck support

Part that acts as a buffer for the helmet; it prevents the head from snapping backward in the event of a fall.

racing suit click to hear : racing suit

One-piece suit that protects the driver in the event of a fall; it provides protection for the hips, knees and elbows.

glove click to hear : glove

Item that covers the hand and wrist to protect them; it is reinforced at the fingers.

visor click to hear : visor

Pull-down part of the helmet; it is sturdy and transparent and protects the driver’s eyes and face while providing good visibility.

full face helmet click to hear : full face helmet

Rigid piece of equipment that protects the head; it is equipped with a visor and a chin cup.

tire click to hear : tire

Circular deformable unit made of rubber, mounted on the wheel and inflated with air, providing the connection between the motorcycle and the road, absorbing the unevenness of the road.

rub protection click to hear : rub protection

Hard plastic part attached by Velcro® to the place where the suit rubs the most often on the track in order to provide additional protection.

boot click to hear : boot

High leather boot protecting the ankles.

wheel click to hear : wheel

Circular unit turning around an axle; it supports the weight of the vehicle and transmits the thrust, steering and braking actions.

air intake for engine cooling click to hear : air intake for engine cooling

Opening for letting the outside air in to cool the engine.

disc brake click to hear : disc brake

Braking mechanism comprising a disc attached to the wheel, whose rotation is slowed down when the brake pads exert friction on it.