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athlete: starting block click to hear : athlete: starting block

Starting block: device made up of two adjustable pedals that allow sprinters to give themselves momentum during a start.
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starting line lane line rack spike track shoe block notch pedal base anchor shorts number shirt

starting line click to hear : starting line

Line marking the start of the race.

lane line click to hear : lane line

White band bordering the lanes on the track.

rack click to hear : rack

Metal bar with notches that is used to adjust the position of the starting blocks.

spike click to hear : spike

Metal piece attached to the front part of the sole to avoid slipping on the track and achieve better thrust.

track shoe click to hear : track shoe

Shoe with a spiked sole that provides good traction during a race.

block click to hear : block

Piece on which runners place their feet to give themselves momentum at the start of a race.

notch click to hear : notch

Each of the grooves used to secure the pedals.

pedal click to hear : pedal

Piece where the athlete places the feet; its angle can be adjusted.

base click to hear : base

Piece that supports the pedal.

anchor click to hear : anchor

Piece that secures the starting block to the track.

shorts click to hear : shorts

Very short pants covering only the top of the thighs.

number click to hear : number

Numbered piece of square fabric that athletes wear on their backs and chests for easy identification.

shirt click to hear : shirt

Supple, relatively tight-fitting garment covering the athlete’s upper body.