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railroad station click to hear : railroad station

Covered building for the public where trains and passengers arrive and depart.
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mast signal gantry switch tower freight station freight car underground passage diesel shop switch scissors crossing parking suburban commuter railroad passenger station station platform platform shelter subsidiary track commuter train footbridge bumper semaphore level crossing main line

mast click to hear : mast

Vertical support for a crosspiece, such as a signal gantry or an electric catenary.

signal gantry click to hear : signal gantry

Support framework spanning several tracks used to display signals, such as tricolor lights and speed-limit panels.

switch tower click to hear : switch tower

Building housing employees and controls for directing train movement in the station.

freight station click to hear : freight station

Set of railroad installations and buildings required for transporting cargo.

freight car click to hear : freight car

Vehicle pulled by a locomotive for transporting cargo.

underground passage click to hear : underground passage

Pedestrian tunnel connecting one side of the tracks with the other.

diesel shop click to hear : diesel shop

Building for maintaining and refueling diesel locomotives.

switch click to hear : switch

A pair of movable track rails (switch rails) for guiding the train from one track to another.

scissors crossing click to hear : scissors crossing

Track enabling a train to change tracks.

parking click to hear : parking

Area for parking vehicles.

suburban commuter railroad click to hear : suburban commuter railroad

Railroad connecting an urban center to its suburbs and neighboring cities.

passenger station click to hear : passenger station

Covered building for the public where trains and passengers arrive and depart.

station platform click to hear : station platform

Area alongside the tracks, for passengers to embark and disembark the train, or for loading and unloading cargo from the cars.

platform shelter click to hear : platform shelter

Roof protecting passengers waiting on the platform from inclement weather.

subsidiary track click to hear : subsidiary track

Side track not used for railroad traffic but for shunting, marshaling or loading and unloading.

commuter train click to hear : commuter train

Local train running frequently each day between an urban center and its suburbs or neighboring cities.

footbridge click to hear : footbridge

Elevated walkway for passengers to cross over a set of tracks.

bumper click to hear : bumper

Buffer placed at the end of a track stopping the train from running off the end of the track.

semaphore click to hear : semaphore

Light for relaying information such as the speed of trains and the distance between them.

level crossing click to hear : level crossing

Intersection of a railroad and a road, with or without warning lights.

main line click to hear : main line

Tracks for trains traveling long distances.