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passenger station click to hear : passenger station

Covered building for the public where trains and passengers arrive and depart.
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baggage lockers platform edge platform number baggage room parcels office passenger train passenger platform booking hall indicator board glassed roof office track platform entrance ticket collector schedules destination departure time indicator baggage cart metal structure

baggage lockers click to hear : baggage lockers

Metal compartments for keeping luggage temporarily for a small fee.

platform edge click to hear : platform edge

Zone along the edge of the platform, usually demarcated by a safety line.

platform number click to hear : platform number

baggage room click to hear : baggage room

Counter where passengers leave their baggage to be taken to the train’s baggage car, if it has one.

parcels office click to hear : parcels office

Courier-service wicket for sending envelopes and packages to be dispatched by train.

passenger train click to hear : passenger train

Set of cars coupled together and pulled along tracks by a locomotive.

passenger platform click to hear : passenger platform

Area alongside the tracks for passengers to embark and disembark trains.

booking hall click to hear : booking hall

Large space for passengers and the public at large housing the various services of the station, such as ticket sales, information counter and shops.

indicator board click to hear : indicator board

Panel showing the destination and the configuration of the train, such as type and numbering of cars.

glassed roof click to hear : glassed roof

Large glassed surface forming the walls and roof.

office click to hear : office

Workplace of the employees managing the station.

track click to hear : track

A pair of parallel rails laid end to end and on which trains run.

platform entrance click to hear : platform entrance

Area leading to the platforms, sometimes reserved for passengers who have valid tickets.

ticket collector click to hear : ticket collector

Person checking that passengers’ tickets correspond to their destinations.

schedules click to hear : schedules

Grid showing the departure and arrival times of the trains, their number and their destination or point of departure.

destination click to hear : destination

Name of the last station where the train stops at the end of its route.

departure time indicator click to hear : departure time indicator

baggage cart click to hear : baggage cart

Four-wheeled handcart available to passengers for transporting baggage inside the station.

metal structure click to hear : metal structure

Set of metal components comprising the skeleton of a building and supporting its roof; here, the roof is made of glass.