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examples of trucks click to hear : examples of trucks

Trucks: motorized vehicles for transporting cargo and providing maintenance and safety.
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tow truck boom elevating cylinder cable hook towing device winch controls winch

tow truck click to hear : tow truck

Truck for towing vehicles that have broken down.

boom click to hear : boom

Thick sturdy metal beam, which the elevating cylinder raises.

elevating cylinder click to hear : elevating cylinder

Hydraulic device comprising a telescopic arm, for lifting a heavy load.

cable click to hear : cable

hook click to hear : hook

Part that is detached from the towing device while the vehicle’s front wheels are placed in position, then reattached to raise it.

towing device click to hear : towing device

Lifting device where the front wheels of the towed vehicle are placed.

winch controls click to hear : winch controls

Control mechanisms for the electric motor, which powers the spool’s rotation.

winch click to hear : winch

Mechanism with a steel cable rolled around a spool, for pulling and raising heavy loads, such as a vehicle that has broken down.