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traditional houses click to hear : traditional houses

The dwellings, current or of former times, that characterize a given culture.
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adobe house ladder beam pile dwelling tepee isba

adobe house click to hear : adobe house

Dwellings typical of countries in Latin America made of clay bricks and sun-dried straw.

ladder click to hear : ladder

Movable wooden implement with rungs, for reaching the roof.

beam click to hear : beam

Heavy horizontal piece that transfers the weight of the roof onto the support structure.

pile dwelling click to hear : pile dwelling

Dwelling built over water or wet land and supported by posts.

tepee click to hear : tepee

Conical dwelling of the Indians of the North American plains, made of poles covered with skins.

isba click to hear : isba

Dwelling of various countries in northern Europe, especially Russia, made of the wood of the fir tree.