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Blouses: women’s garments covering the torso and worn directly over underwear; there are many different varieties made of all kinds of fabric.
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over-blouse tunic wrapover top polo shirt

over-blouse click to hear : over-blouse

Straight long-sleeved tunic that is often put on over the head; it is gathered by a belt or a tie at the waist and hangs over a skirt or pants.

tunic click to hear : tunic

Straight full blouse ending below the waist.

wrapover top click to hear : wrapover top

Blouse with two front panels that cross over one another, creating a V-neck; it has ties that fasten at the waist, back or hip.

polo shirt click to hear : polo shirt

Usually short-sleeved sweater that has a pointed turned-down collar; it is often fastened with a placket ending at mid-chest.