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Europe click to hear : Europe

Western extremity of the vast Eurasian continent that, by convention, is separated from Asia by the Ural Mountains; it covers a relatively small area.
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Aegean Sea Barents Sea Lake Ladoga Iberian Peninsula Pyrenees Alps Danube River Carpathian Mountains Irish Sea English Channel Atlantic Ocean Vistula River North Sea Mediterranean Sea Strait of Gibraltar Ural Mountains Volga River Dnieper River Adriatic Sea Balkan Peninsula Black Sea Baltic Sea Scandinavian Peninsula Gulf of Bothnia Iceland Norwegian Sea Kola Peninsula

Aegean Sea click to hear : Aegean Sea

Area of the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Greece; it contains numerous islands, the largest of which is Crete.

Barents Sea click to hear : Barents Sea

Area of the Arctic Ocean lying north of the Scandinavian Peninsula and Russia; it is partially ice-covered.

Lake Ladoga click to hear : Lake Ladoga

Europe’s largest lake (17,700 km2) is located in Russia; it empties into the Baltic Sea.

Iberian Peninsula click to hear : Iberian Peninsula

Peninsula comprising Spain and Portugal; it extends from the Pyrenees to the Strait of Gibraltar.

Pyrenees click to hear : Pyrenees

Mountain range whose northern slope is in France and whose southern slope is in Spain; Pico de Aneto (3,404 meters) is its highest peak.

Alps click to hear : Alps

Largest mountain mass in Europe, extending 1,200 km; Mont Blanc (4,807 meters) is its highest peak.

Danube River click to hear : Danube River

Second longest river in Europe (2,850 km); it flows into the Black Sea through a vast delta with three branches.

Carpathian Mountains click to hear : Carpathian Mountains

Mountain range in central Europe, lower than the Alps; its highest point is at an elevation of 2,655 meters.

Irish Sea click to hear : Irish Sea

Section of the Atlantic that separates Great Britain from Ireland.

English Channel click to hear : English Channel

Relatively shallow sea between France and England; its extreme tides cause strong currents, making navigation difficult.

Atlantic Ocean click to hear : Atlantic Ocean

The world’s second largest ocean; it covers 20% of the Earth’s surface.

Vistula River click to hear : Vistula River

Poland’s principal river (1,090 km) has its source in the Carpathians and joins the Baltic Sea at the Gulf of Gdansk; it is ice-covered two to three months per year.

North Sea click to hear : North Sea

Relatively shallow sea (570,000 km2) in the North Atlantic and bordered by the coasts of Europe; some major European ports are located along its estuaries.

Mediterranean Sea click to hear : Mediterranean Sea

One of the world’s largest inland seas, bordered by Europe, Africa and Asia; it connects to the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Strait of Gibraltar click to hear : Strait of Gibraltar

Channel (15 km wide) between Spain and Morocco; it connects the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and is an important shipping route.

Ural Mountains click to hear : Ural Mountains

Mountain range extending 2,400 km from the Caspian Sea to the Arctic; it is traditionally considered the boundary between Europe and Asia.

Volga River click to hear : Volga River

The longest river in Europe (3,700 km) is ice-covered three to four months per year; its spring flood is substantial.

Dnieper River click to hear : Dnieper River

River in Russia (2,200 km) whose flow is slow but abundant; it is a major communications artery.

Adriatic Sea click to hear : Adriatic Sea

Gulf of the Mediterranean, 835 km long and 180 km wide, located between Italy, the former Yugoslavia and Albania.

Balkan Peninsula click to hear : Balkan Peninsula

Mountainous, easternmost peninsula of Europe whose crumbling coastline features peninsulas and scattered islands.

Black Sea click to hear : Black Sea

Inland sea (420,000 km2) between Eastern Europe and Asia; it opens into the Mediterranean through two straits, the Dardanelles and the Bosporus.

Baltic Sea click to hear : Baltic Sea

Generally shallow inland sea that is low in salt content and devoid of major tides; it freezes along its coasts.

Scandinavian Peninsula click to hear : Scandinavian Peninsula

Vast Nordic peninsula that includes Norway, Sweden and part of Finland.

Gulf of Bothnia click to hear : Gulf of Bothnia

Relatively shallow Gulf between Sweden and Finland; it is often icebound.

Iceland click to hear : Iceland

Volcanic island subject to regular earthquakes; it has over 5,000 km of coastline.

Norwegian Sea click to hear : Norwegian Sea

Section of the Atlantic between Norway to Iceland.

Kola Peninsula click to hear : Kola Peninsula

Mostly mountainous peninsula located in Russia, above the Arctic polar circle.