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Trombe wall click to hear : Trombe wall

Solar collector with double glazing on a wall that faces south; it is used to distribute heat in a room.
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air gap concrete wall cold air absorbing surface double glazing warm air shutter solar radiation

air gap click to hear : air gap

Space between the wall and the glazing in which air flows; as air heats up on contact with the wall, it rises naturally in this space.

concrete wall click to hear : concrete wall

Masonry structure that is about 40 cm thick; it has a black surface to absorb heat from the Sun to heat the air.

cold air click to hear : cold air

Fresh air enters the home at the base of the air gap and is heated on contact with the wall.

absorbing surface click to hear : absorbing surface

Black wall that catches solar radiation and converts it into heat.

double glazing click to hear : double glazing

Each of two glass plates placed in front of the concrete wall; they allow solar radiation to penetrate and retain the heat.

warm air click to hear : warm air

Air heated by solar radiation is introduced into the room by convection.

shutter click to hear : shutter

Flap gate used to control the entry of heat into the home.

solar radiation click to hear : solar radiation

All the electromagnetic waves emitted by the Sun.