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fresh cheeses click to hear : fresh cheeses

Nonripened cheeses that contain up to 80% water; they are smooth and mild or slightly tangy; they spoil quickly.
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mozzarella cream cheese cottage cheese ricotta

mozzarella click to hear : mozzarella

This native Italian cheese has a rubbery texture and is firmer than other cheeses; it is the garnish of choice for pizza.

cream cheese click to hear : cream cheese

Made with cream, which is sometimes mixed with milk; it is smooth and spreads easily, and is used as a spread or as a dessert ingredient (e.g., in cheesecake).

cottage cheese click to hear : cottage cheese

Low in fat and grainy in texture; it works well as a spread or can be added to salads, desserts and sauces.

ricotta click to hear : ricotta

Granular cheese with a smooth moist rind; it is used in Italian cooking, primarily for stuffed foods and desserts.