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mollusks click to hear : mollusks

Usually marine-dwelling, soft-bodied invertebrates; some have shells and are sold live.
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whelk common periwinkle snail cockle clam

whelk click to hear : whelk

Resembles a large periwinkle; the flesh will toughen if it is cooked too long and it is often eaten sprinkled with lemon juice.

common periwinkle click to hear : common periwinkle

Its flesh resembles the snail’s, which it can replace in most recipes; whether eaten hot or cold, it is always cooked first.

snail click to hear : snail

Snails are often sold canned, frozen or ready-cooked; served with garlic butter, they constitute a classic appetizer.

cockle click to hear : cockle

Generally designates the European variety, although others exist; it has a firmer texture and a more pronounced flavor than oysters and mussels.

clam click to hear : clam

Related to the hard-shell clam, it is as tasty raw (with or without lemon juice) as it is cooked (in soups, or stuffed, like the blue mussel).