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mushrooms click to hear : mushrooms

Vegetable that grows in damp cool places; its edible varieties are served as condiments or as an ingredient in a variety of foods.
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shiitake mushroom wood ear oyster mushroom chanterelle truffle cultivated mushroom

shiitake mushroom click to hear : shiitake mushroom

The equivalent of the cultivated mushroom in Japan, where it is widely grown for use in Oriental dishes and sauces and for its therapeutic value.

wood ear click to hear : wood ear

Its tasteless gelatinous flesh is popular in Asia; it is usually eaten in soups or with vegetables.

oyster mushroom click to hear : oyster mushroom

Grows on trees or on dead wood; its soft white flesh is a valued ingredient in sauces, where it can substitute for the cultivated mushroom.

chanterelle click to hear : chanterelle

Pleasantly fragrant and valued by gourmets, especially those in Europe; it is served most often with meat or omelettes.

truffle click to hear : truffle

Underground mushroom hard to find and perceived as a luxury food; it is usually associated with game and poultry.

cultivated mushroom click to hear : cultivated mushroom

The most widely cultivated and consumed mushroom; it is eaten raw, in salads or with dips, or cooked, primarily in sauces and on pizza.