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examples of kitchen knives click to hear : examples of kitchen knives

The shape and size of kitchen knives vary depending on their use and the type of food for which they are intended.
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peeler butter curler grapefruit knife zester oyster knife

peeler click to hear : peeler

Its pivoting blade follows the contours of the fruits and vegetables it is used to peel.

butter curler click to hear : butter curler

Utensil with a serrated hook that creates butter curls when scraped across cold butter.

grapefruit knife click to hear : grapefruit knife

Knife used to detach citrus fruit pulp.

zester click to hear : zester

Knife whose blade curves at the end and has five small cutting holes; it is used to remove thin strips of rind from citrus fruits.

oyster knife click to hear : oyster knife

Double-edged knife with a guard used to open oyster shells by severing the muscle that holds them closed.