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for grinding and grating click to hear : for grinding and grating

Instruments that can reduce food to fine particles, shavings, powder, purées, etc.
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garlic press nutcracker citrus juicer mortar pestle

garlic press click to hear : garlic press

Utensil used to finely crush garlic cloves.

nutcracker click to hear : nutcracker

Tongs used to break nutshells and release the kernel inside.

citrus juicer click to hear : citrus juicer

Instrument used to express juice from citrus fruits, usually lemons or oranges.

mortar click to hear : mortar

Hemispheric receptacle made of marble, porcelain or hardwood in which certain foods can be ground with a pestle.

pestle click to hear : pestle

Usually heavy instrument whose short handle extends into a head; it is used mainly to grind seeds, dry ingredients and garlic.