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skin click to hear : skin

Outer covering of the body consisting of three layers; it has a role in protection, tactile sensation and thermoregulation.
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subcutaneous tissue capillary blood vessel dermis connective tissue epidermis skin surface adipose tissue Pacinian corpuscle eccrine sweat gland sudoriferous duct apocrine sweat gland blood vessel nerve papilla nerve fiber hair bulb hair follicle sebaceous gland arrector pili muscle nerve termination stratum basale stratum spinosum stratum granulosum stratum lucidum stratum corneum hair shaft Ruffini’s corpuscle hair pore Meissner’s corpuscle

subcutaneous tissue click to hear : subcutaneous tissue

Tissue rich in veins and nerves at the base of the dermis enabling especially the absorption of shocks.

capillary blood vessel click to hear : capillary blood vessel

Very fine blood vessel connected to the arterial and venal networks; through it the blood and cells of the organism are exchanged.

dermis click to hear : dermis

Layer of skin enclosing tactile receptors ensuring nutrition and support of the epidermis.

connective tissue click to hear : connective tissue

Tissue rich in veins and nerves made up especially of collagen and elastin fibers that give the skin its elasticity and resistance.

epidermis click to hear : epidermis

Surface layer of the skin covering and protecting the dermis; it contains proteins that make the skin impermeable and block ultraviolet rays.

skin surface click to hear : skin surface

Surface portion of the skin in contact with the air from which dead cells are regularly shed and replaced by new cells of the stratum basale.

adipose tissue click to hear : adipose tissue

Tissue enclosing numerous fat cells, thermally insulating the organism and providing an energy reserve.

Pacinian corpuscle click to hear : Pacinian corpuscle

Tactile receptor implanted in the deep dermis; it reacts to continuous vibrations and strong pressures.

eccrine sweat gland click to hear : eccrine sweat gland

Sweat-secreting organ whose excretory duct opens onto the surface of the skin; the sweat glands help especially in the elimination of waste.

sudoriferous duct click to hear : sudoriferous duct

Duct carrying sweat produced by the sweat gland to the surface of the skin.

apocrine sweat gland click to hear : apocrine sweat gland

Sweat-secreting organ whose excretory duct opens into the hair follicle.

blood vessel click to hear : blood vessel

Membranous canal through which blood circulates in the organism, bringing in oxygen and nutrients and carrying away waste.

nerve click to hear : nerve

Bundle of nerve fibers carrying sensory information collected by the tactile receptors of the brain.

papilla click to hear : papilla

Cone-shaped formation borne by the dermis ensuring vascularization of the hair.

nerve fiber click to hear : nerve fiber

Structure formed of neuron extensions along which the skin’s sensory information travels.

hair bulb click to hear : hair bulb

Enlarged terminal part of the follicle from which hair develops and whose base receives the papilla.

hair follicle click to hear : hair follicle

Small cavity of the dermis and hypodermis in which the hair root is implanted and which receives secretions from the sebaceous and sweat glands.

sebaceous gland click to hear : sebaceous gland

Organ connected to a hair follicle secreting a fatty substance (sebum) that lubricates the hair and skin, making them impermeable to air and water.

arrector pili muscle click to hear : arrector pili muscle

Muscle attached to a hair follicle and whose contraction raises the hair on end as a result of cold or fear.

nerve termination click to hear : nerve termination

Tactile receptor present in large numbers on the surface of the dermis.

stratum basale click to hear : stratum basale

Layer of the epidermis whose cells divide and migrate toward the surface to form the upper layers, thus ensuring renewal of the epidermis.

stratum spinosum click to hear : stratum spinosum

Layer of the epidermis consisting of cells from the stratum basale, which continue to divide to form the stratum granulosum.

stratum granulosum click to hear : stratum granulosum

Layer of the epidermis whose cells help to form keratin, which renders the skin impermeable.

stratum lucidum click to hear : stratum lucidum

Layer of the epidermis usually present only in the thick skin of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

stratum corneum click to hear : stratum corneum

Layer of the epidermis consisting of dead cells rich in keratin (the protein that protects the skin); it is shed as a new layer is formed.

hair shaft click to hear : hair shaft

External portion of the hair at the narrow terminal part.

Ruffini’s corpuscle click to hear : Ruffini’s corpuscle

Heat-sensitive tactile receptor present in large numbers in the dermis of the hairy regions; it reacts especially to firm continuous pressure.

hair click to hear : hair

Threadlike epidermal outgrowth present on almost the entire body having a sebaceous gland and an arrector pili muscle; it plays a protective role.

pore click to hear : pore

Orifice in which the sweat duct opens, allowing excretion of sweat onto the surface of the skin.

Meissner’s corpuscle click to hear : Meissner’s corpuscle

Tactile receptor located especially at the level of the superficial dermis of the hands, feet, lips and genital organs; it is sensitive to light touching.