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Olympic events take place on a triangular course whose length varies depending on variables such as the characteristics of the water and the wind direction.
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tacking second leg at reach lowering the spinnaker starting line buoy start into a headwind finish line wind raising the spinnaker jibe

tacking click to hear : tacking

Technique of navigating in a zigzag course when sailing upwind; the sails cross from one side of the boat to the other.

second leg at reach click to hear : second leg at reach

The sailboat first navigates the beam reach with the wind on the starboard side until the third buoy (first leg at reach), then sails a second straight line to the beam reach with the wind on the port side.

lowering the spinnaker click to hear : lowering the spinnaker

The crew lowers the spinnaker when the sailboat turns into the wind, after the second leg at reach.

starting line click to hear : starting line

Line marking the beginning of the race; when the starting signal is given, all the sailboats must be behind this line.

buoy click to hear : buoy

Floating object that marks out the race. An Olympic-type race has three buoys that are arranged in a triangle; they are rounded in a specific order.

start into a headwind click to hear : start into a headwind

The race begins facing upwind; sailboats must then tack until the second buoy, which is located straight ahead.

finish line click to hear : finish line

Line marking the end of the race; events are usually made up of several sets, the combined result of which determines the winner.

wind click to hear : wind

Displacement of air caused by variations in pressure between two regions of the atmosphere.

raising the spinnaker click to hear : raising the spinnaker

When the sailboat navigates points of sailing (with the wind almost from behind), the crew increases speed by hoisting a large lightweight sail called a spinnaker over the bow.

jibe click to hear : jibe

Technique for changing the sailboat’s course when the wind is coming from the rear by letting the sails cross from one side of the boat to the other.