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rugby player click to hear : rugby player

An individual who plays rugby; some players are allowed to wear protective equipment such as shin guards and shoulder pads made from flexible material.
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rugby shoe sock shorts jersey ruck rugby ball

rugby shoe click to hear : rugby shoe

Shoe whose sole contains small spikes to provide good traction.

sock click to hear : sock

Garment worn over the foot and up to the knee.

shorts click to hear : shorts

Very short pants covering only the top of the thighs.

jersey click to hear : jersey

Flexible garment covering the upper body; it features the team emblem and the player’s name and number.

ruck click to hear : ruck

Play when the ball is on the ground and the players on both teams pile on top of it to gain possession of it.

rugby ball click to hear : rugby ball

Inflatable egg-shaped ball made of leather or synthetic material; meant to be manipulated with the hands or the feet, it is carried, passed laterally and kicked.