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ring click to hear : ring

Square podium that is surrounded by stretched ropes and measures from 4.9 to 6.1 m on the inside of the ropes; the boxing bout takes place on it.
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ring step apron canvas boxer physician judge timekeeper referee second trainer corner ringside ring post corner stool corner pad turnbuckle rope

ring step click to hear : ring step

Structural component for accessing the ring.

apron click to hear : apron

Part of the ring that is outside the ropes; the floor of the ring is between 0.91 and 1.22 m high and must extend beyond the ropes by at least 50 cm.

canvas click to hear : canvas

Covering for breaking falls that is made of flexible material and is about 1.5 cm thick; a canvas is stretched on it.

boxer click to hear : boxer

Athlete who practices boxing; boxers are classified into weight categories.

physician click to hear : physician

Person who treats the boxers in the event of injury; a doctor’s presence is mandatory and this individual may end a fight in the event of serious injury.

judge click to hear : judge

One of the three or five officials who evaluate the performances; they score the boxers and pick the winner.

timekeeper click to hear : timekeeper

Official who controls the number of breaks and rounds and their duration by ringing a gong or bell, except in the case of a knockout.

referee click to hear : referee

Official who enforces the rules and directs the fight in the ring; after the bout, this individual collects and checks the judges’ scores.

second click to hear : second

Person who assists a boxer and ministers to him between rounds.

trainer click to hear : trainer

Person who supervises the boxer’s training and is present during contests to coach the boxer on strategy.

corner click to hear : corner

Angle formed by the intersection of the ropes; the red and blue corners are reserved for the boxers, the other two are neutral.

ringside click to hear : ringside

Area surrounding the ring.

ring post click to hear : ring post

Pole located at the four corners of the ring that supports and stretches the ropes.

corner stool click to hear : corner stool

Corner seat on which the boxer sits during breaks.

corner pad click to hear : corner pad

Padded layer covering the posts to prevent injuries.

turnbuckle click to hear : turnbuckle

Metal part that is covered with padded matting and stretches the ropes around the ring.

rope click to hear : rope

Grouping of threads forming a cable 3 to 5 cm thick that stretches between posts to delimit the ring.