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technical events click to hear : technical events

During each event, skiers take turns attempting to complete the descent as fast as possible while following the established course.
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super giant (super-G) slalom downhill special slalom giant slalom

super giant (super-G) slalom click to hear : super giant (super-G) slalom

Event that combines the speed of downhill with the technique of giant slalom; the super-G course is shorter than the downhill course and has more gates.

downhill click to hear : downhill

Speed event held on a steep course with long straightaways and wide fast turns; downhill skiers reach speeds of over 120 km/h.

special slalom click to hear : special slalom

Technical event whose course includes numerous sharp turns; the skier must graze the gate poles to keep the best trajectory.

giant slalom click to hear : giant slalom

Technical event whose course has fewer gates and longer curves than the special slalom course.