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truck and track click to hear : truck and track

The most up-to-date subway trucks ride on tires, which provide fast acceleration and little noise or vibration.
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invert runway running rail guiding and current bar inflated guiding tire inflated carrying tire steel safety wheel sliding block

invert click to hear : invert

Thick concrete foundation for the tracks.

runway click to hear : runway

Metal or concrete track that is fixed to the invert on which the tires roll.

running rail click to hear : running rail

Regular railroad rail for the steel safety wheel to roll on in the event the tire deflates; it also receives the traction current from the return shoe.

guiding and current bar click to hear : guiding and current bar

Metal bar against which the guiding tire rolls; it also supplies the traction current.

inflated guiding tire click to hear : inflated guiding tire

Tire mounted at right angles to the carrying tire; it rolls against the guiding bar to guide the truck.

inflated carrying tire click to hear : inflated carrying tire

Nitrogen-filled tire that supports and conveys the car.

steel safety wheel click to hear : steel safety wheel

Auxiliary regular train wheel that comes in contact with the running rail in the event the tire deflates and during switching.

sliding block click to hear : sliding block

Shoe taking the current from the guiding and current bar.