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body click to hear : body

Automobile structure designed to house and protect the mechanical components, the passengers and cargo.
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washer nozzle front fascia bumper molding cowl fender grille headlight hood outside mirror windshield wiper windshield body side molding door lock mud flap door door handle window tire wheel cover gas tank door trunk quarter window drip molding center post roof sliding sunroof antenna

washer nozzle click to hear : washer nozzle

Device squirting liquid on the windshield in order to clean it.

front fascia click to hear : front fascia

Component on the exterior of the body below the bumpers reducing air resistance.

bumper molding click to hear : bumper molding

Metal or plastic trim embellishing the front and rear bumpers.

cowl click to hear : cowl

Transverse component of the body between the hood and the windshield allowing air into the passenger compartment.

fender click to hear : fender

Component of the body forming a streamlined and aerodynamic casing around the wheels.

grille click to hear : grille

Plastic or metal grating in front of the vehicle protecting the radiator and serving as decoration.

headlight click to hear : headlight

Lamp on the front of the vehicle to light up the space in front.

hood click to hear : hood

Lidlike part of the body covering and protecting the engine.

outside mirror click to hear : outside mirror

Mirror fixed to the outside of the passenger compartment enabling the driver to see behind and along the sides of the vehicle without turning around.

windshield wiper click to hear : windshield wiper

Rubber squeegee, usually mounted in a pair; it is activated by a motor and cleans the windshield.

windshield click to hear : windshield

Glass and plastic pane protecting the occupants from inclement weather while providing good visibility.

body side molding click to hear : body side molding

Metal or plastic part attached along the doors to protect them against light impact.

door lock click to hear : door lock

Mechanism housed in the door to lock it; it is manipulated with a key or button.

mud flap click to hear : mud flap

Piece of rubber or plastic attached behind the rear wheels to repel projectiles.

door click to hear : door

Moving panel with a handle, attached to the body by hinges or a sliding system, providing access to the passenger compartment.

door handle click to hear : door handle

Device for activating the door’s opening mechanism.

window click to hear : window

Side window that can be lowered, protecting against inclement weather while providing good visibility.

tire click to hear : tire

Circular deformable unit made of rubber, mounted on the wheel and inflated with air, providing the connection between the car and the road, and absorbing the unevenness of the road.

wheel cover click to hear : wheel cover

Decorative metal or plastic part concealing the wheel hub.

gas tank door click to hear : gas tank door

Flap concealing the fuel-tank opening, which is plugged by a cap.

trunk click to hear : trunk

Enclosed space at the rear of the vehicle, or sometimes at the front, designed to hold and transport cargo that is not too large.

quarter window click to hear : quarter window

Small window among the series of windows on the side of the body.

drip molding click to hear : drip molding

Small open canal capturing rainwater from the roof and carrying it to the rear, where it drips off.

center post click to hear : center post

Vertical safety pillar between the two doors connecting the upper part of the body to the lower part.

roof click to hear : roof

Exterior component with a slightly curving surface forming the vehicle’s covering.

sliding sunroof click to hear : sliding sunroof

Moving part in the roof that opens up over the front seats to let air into the passenger compartment.

antenna click to hear : antenna

Device receiving radio waves broadcast by a station.