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exterior of a house click to hear : exterior of a house

View of a house on its site with the components of its exterior structure.
exterior of a house image
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vegetable garden garden path dormer window border fence ornamental tree gable gable vent gutter downspout garage shed grade slope property line patio flower bed porch skylight hedge sidewalk driveway roof chimney pot chimney lightning rod basement window steps cornice lawn

vegetable garden click to hear : vegetable garden

Plot of land for growing edible plants.

garden path click to hear : garden path

Walkway bordered by plants.

dormer window click to hear : dormer window

Small window built into the roof of a structure to let in light.

border click to hear : border

Garden trimming the side of a structure or pathway.

fence click to hear : fence

Barrier made of aligned wooden planks to demarcate a lot.

ornamental tree click to hear : ornamental tree

Tree planted for decorative purposes.

gable click to hear : gable

Upper triangular section of a wall supporting the sides of the roof.

gable vent click to hear : gable vent

Opening in the side of a gable for ventilation.

gutter click to hear : gutter

Open pipe at the bottom of the roof collecting rainwater and channeling it to the downspout.

downspout click to hear : downspout

Vertical pipe through which rainwater flows.

garage click to hear : garage

Structure used for parking vehicles.

shed click to hear : shed

Structure used for storing garden equipment.

grade slope click to hear : grade slope

Inclination joining two different levels of the lot.

property line click to hear : property line

patio click to hear : patio

Large outdoor surface adjacent to the house; used by people.

flower bed click to hear : flower bed

Grouping of flowers and decorative shrubs.

porch click to hear : porch

Covered part of a house entrance protecting the door and people from the elements.

skylight click to hear : skylight

Window protruding through the roof to ventilate and illuminate the room below.

hedge click to hear : hedge

Bushes planted in a row to demarcate a lot.

sidewalk click to hear : sidewalk

Pedestrian walkway bordering a street.

driveway click to hear : driveway

roof click to hear : roof

House covering that protects it from the elements; it rests on the frame.

chimney pot click to hear : chimney pot

Topmost part of the chimney; it is covered by a piece of metal.

chimney click to hear : chimney

Part of the heating system that protrudes from the roof.

lightning rod click to hear : lightning rod

Metal spike attached to the roof; it protects the house by conducting lightning to the ground.

basement window click to hear : basement window

Opening in the wall of the bottom floor to let in light and air.

steps click to hear : steps

Outdoor staircase ending in a landing that leads to the house entrance.

cornice click to hear : cornice

Extended section of a roof protecting the wall from rain.

lawn click to hear : lawn

Land covered by short thick grass requiring regular mowing.