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bank click to hear : bank

Establishment that provides a variety of financial services.
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professional training office information desk insurance services financial services conference room loan services meeting room photocopier brochure rack waiting area reception desk security grille lobby janitor’s closet cloakroom toilet staff lounge director’s office secretary’s office customer service safe safe deposit box vault coupon booth line wicket business wicket cash supply night deposit box automatic teller machine

professional training office click to hear : professional training office

Room reserved for providing training for bank employees.

information desk click to hear : information desk

Kiosk where customers can obtain information about banking services.

insurance services click to hear : insurance services

Offices where customers consult bank staff about insurance services for automobiles, travel, homes, etc.

financial services click to hear : financial services

Offices where bank staff meet with customers to discuss financial services such as mortgages and investments.

conference room click to hear : conference room

Room that is big enough to hold a relatively large number of people.

loan services click to hear : loan services

Offices where bank staff meet with customers who are applying for a loan.

meeting room click to hear : meeting room

Room used by small groups to hold meetings and discussions.

photocopier click to hear : photocopier

Machine for reprography.

brochure rack click to hear : brochure rack

Rack used to display brochures and flyers containing information on services offered by the bank.

waiting area click to hear : waiting area

Space reserved for customers waiting for an appointment in a specific department.

reception desk click to hear : reception desk

Area where customers are met.

security grille click to hear : security grille

Sliding or folding bars that isolate the bank’s automatic teller machines when the bank is closed.

lobby click to hear : lobby

The bank’s entrance area.

janitor’s closet click to hear : janitor’s closet

Room for storing cleaning products and housekeeping supplies.

cloakroom click to hear : cloakroom

Space designated for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

toilet click to hear : toilet

Premises designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

staff lounge click to hear : staff lounge

Room where staff eat meals and relax.

director’s office click to hear : director’s office

secretary’s office click to hear : secretary’s office

customer service click to hear : customer service

Office where bank staff meet with customers to open accounts, issue debit cards, give out forms and so forth.

safe click to hear : safe

Reinforced fireproof safe used to hold the bank’s cash supply and negotiable documents.

safe deposit box click to hear : safe deposit box

Compartment rented by customers to store valuable objects and documents in a safe place.

vault click to hear : vault

Reinforced fireproof room containing the bank safe and the customers’ safe deposit boxes; access to it is tightly controlled.

coupon booth click to hear : coupon booth

Small closed cubicle used by a customer to open a safe deposit box.

line click to hear : line

Area where customers wait to be served at a wicket.

wicket click to hear : wicket

Counter where bank tellers serve customers.

business wicket click to hear : business wicket

Counter reserved for business accounts.

cash supply click to hear : cash supply

Room where bank staff replenish the automatic teller machines and collect deposits and bills.

night deposit box click to hear : night deposit box

Wicket used by business customers outside of banking hours.

automatic teller machine click to hear : automatic teller machine

Machine where customers use a debit card to carry out a variety of banking operations such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers and bill payments.