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electric golf cart click to hear : electric golf cart

Small motorized vehicle that is used by golfers to move from one hole to another along the golf course.
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bag well head cover golf bag pocket shoulder strap golf cart

bag well click to hear : bag well

Rack at the back of the golf cart in which golfers carry their equipment over the golf course.

head cover click to hear : head cover

Part that covers and protects the head of a golf club while it is not being used.

golf bag click to hear : golf bag

Sack for transporting golf clubs and accessories; a player can use no more than 14 different clubs during a competition.

pocket click to hear : pocket

Small exterior storage compartment that contains various accessories (such as balls, gloves and tees).

shoulder strap click to hear : shoulder strap

Large belt that distributes the weight of the golf bag on the shoulder.

golf cart click to hear : golf cart

Two-wheeled rack that is pulled by a handle to transport the golf bag along the course.