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tanker click to hear : tanker

Ship with large reservoirs for transporting liquid petroleum products.
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davit transverse bulkhead lengthwise bulkhead engine control room pump room rudder propeller radar mast guardrail separator radio antenna bulb mooring winch center keelson web frame tank crossover cargo deck line bitt air relief valve tank hatch cover foremast main deck wall side foam monitor derrick mast derrick

davit click to hear : davit

Winch that manipulates the anchors.

transverse bulkhead click to hear : transverse bulkhead

Wall that divides the hold across the width thus demarcating the tanks.

lengthwise bulkhead click to hear : lengthwise bulkhead

Wall that divides the hold along the length to demarcate the tanks.

engine control room click to hear : engine control room

Compartment housing the instruments that monitor the ship’s movement and control the engines and other machinery.

pump room click to hear : pump room

Compartment housing the machinery that pumps the oil in and out of the tanks.

rudder click to hear : rudder

Submerged component that pivots on a vertical axle and is used to steer the boat.

propeller click to hear : propeller

Device with blades integrated onto a shaft that is driven by the engine to provide thrust and thus impel the ship.

radar mast click to hear : radar mast

Mast with a radio-wave detection device (radar set) used to prevent collisions when visibility is reduced.

guardrail click to hear : guardrail

Railing along a ship’s deck that protects crew from falling overboard.

separator click to hear : separator

Device that removes any water that might contaminate the oil tanks.

radio antenna click to hear : radio antenna

Metal conductor that emits and receives radio waves for communications.

bulb click to hear : bulb

Bulge in the bottom part of the stem that reduces the hull’s water resistance.

mooring winch click to hear : mooring winch

Motorized spool around which a mooring cable is wound.

center keelson click to hear : center keelson

Metal girder that runs along the ship’s longitudinal axis to reinforce the bottom of the hull.

web frame click to hear : web frame

Metal reinforcement that spans the hull transversally.

tank click to hear : tank

Watertight reservoir; the hold is divided into several tanks to prevent sloshing.

crossover cargo deck line click to hear : crossover cargo deck line

Thick pipe that runs transversally and is used to fill and empty the tanks.

bitt click to hear : bitt

Metal cylindrical fittings attached to the deck for fastening mooring ropes and tow lines.

air relief valve click to hear : air relief valve

Device that allows air to escape as oil fills the tanks to displace it.

tank hatch cover click to hear : tank hatch cover

Watertight door that provides access to a tank.

foremast click to hear : foremast

Mast located near the bow of the deck that supports the navigation lights.

main deck click to hear : main deck

Flat top that seals the hull and protects the cargo; it provides space for crew to circulate and for auxiliary equipment.

wall side click to hear : wall side

Vertical part of the hull below the water line.

foam monitor click to hear : foam monitor

Pressurized mechanism that produces foam for extinguishing fires.

derrick mast click to hear : derrick mast

Short thick mast that supports the derrick.

derrick click to hear : derrick

Device with pulleys that is mounted on a pivot for handling loads.