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yard click to hear : yard

Set of tracks where freight trains are reconfigured to contain cargo cars with the same destination and then dispatched.
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first classification track hump lead hump hump office second classification track classification yard car cleaning yard outbound track water tower repair shop locomotive track receiving yard

first classification track click to hear : first classification track

Track where cars for the second classification track are switched.

hump lead click to hear : hump lead

Track where cars are released to coast onto other tracks for switching onto outbound trains.

hump click to hear : hump

Sloped part of the track where cars are pushed up a hill (hump) by a locomotive.

hump office click to hear : hump office

Office where train formations are programmed and car shunting is controlled.

second classification track click to hear : second classification track

Track where cars of known destination are assembled.

classification yard click to hear : classification yard

Set of tracks where cars are hitched together to form trains with the same destination.

car cleaning yard click to hear : car cleaning yard

Set of tracks where cars are cleansed of any cargo residue before going back into circulation.

outbound track click to hear : outbound track

Track that leads trains out of the yard.

water tower click to hear : water tower

Elevated reservoir containing potable water.

repair shop click to hear : repair shop

Structure for repairing and maintaining locomotives and cars.

locomotive track click to hear : locomotive track

Track that leads locomotives to the shop for maintenance.

receiving yard click to hear : receiving yard

Set of tracks where arriving trains park and are unhitched from their locomotives.