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output devices click to hear : output devices

Electronic devices used to view or print the results of data processing done on a computer.
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laser printer front cover input tray paper guide output tray manual feed slot reset button control lights toner cartridge

laser printer click to hear : laser printer

Printer in which powdered ink in a cartridge is projected onto a rotating cylinder by laser beam and then fixed onto the paper using heated rollers.

front cover click to hear : front cover

input tray click to hear : input tray

Small drawer that contains blank sheets of standard-sized sheets of paper to be fed one at a time during printing.

paper guide click to hear : paper guide

Movable device used to adjust the position of the paper sideways.

output tray click to hear : output tray

Tray that collects paper as it exits the printer.

manual feed slot click to hear : manual feed slot

Device used to load paper manually, one sheet at a time; it is used mainly for special or odd-sized paper.

reset button click to hear : reset button

Button used to restart a suspended print job.

control lights click to hear : control lights

Signal lights indicating the operating state of the printer (standby, printing) or certain problems (paper outage, empty cartridge).

toner cartridge click to hear : toner cartridge

Removable container filled with fine particles of dry ink; it is designed for a laser printer.