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citrus fruits click to hear : citrus fruits

Somewhat acidic fruits with a high vitamin C content comprising numerous sections and covered with a rind that has an external layer called zest.
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citron pomelo orange grapefruit

citron click to hear : citron

Extensively grown in Corsica and Israel, this somewhat dry fruit is rarely found fresh and is mostly sold candied.

pomelo click to hear : pomelo

Extremely popular in many Asian countries, it has only recently become available in the West; less juicy than the grapefruit, it is mostly cooked or candied.

orange click to hear : orange

Widely available, it is often eaten plain or in juice, and it goes well with duck; it yields a flavor essence and an essential oil.

grapefruit click to hear : grapefruit

The pink grapefruit is sweeter and less bitter than the white one that has yellow flesh; it is often cut in half and eaten plain, with a spoon.