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cooking utensils click to hear : cooking utensils

Utensils used for cooking food, especially in the oven or on the stove.
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fondue set burner stand fondue pot wok set wok burner ring rack lid

fondue set click to hear : fondue set

Utensil designed to prepare and serve various kinds of fondue, such as meat, cheese or chocolate.

burner click to hear : burner

Compartment containing a flammable liquid that keeps the fondue pot warm throughout the meal.

stand click to hear : stand

Metal base designed to hold the fondue pot and the burner.

fondue pot click to hear : fondue pot

Container with one or two side handles used for cooking fondue.

wok set click to hear : wok set

Cooking utensil native to Asia used for rapidly cooking food in very little fat.

wok click to hear : wok

Large cone-shaped frying pan; food collects at the center of the rounded bottom, where the heat is most intense.

burner ring click to hear : burner ring

Metal base used to balance the wok over the burner or hot plate.

rack click to hear : rack

Half-moon-shaped grating used to drain or set aside food.

lid click to hear : lid

Removable part that covers the wok during cooking.